Markets vs. Regulation

My Forbes article is up this week and uses my company's vendors to compare the power of markets vs. government regulation.  A small excerpt:

I am assuming that many readers will have already spotted what these three vendors have in common:  all are either highly-regulated government-enforced monopolies (in the case of liquor wholesaling and electric power) or government agencies themselves.   As a consumer, I get the worst deal from my vendors in direct proportion to how heavily regulated they are.


  1. Goober:

    In the defense of these companies, the cost of living up to those regulations is stunningly high, and they do have to pass that on or go out of business.

    The electric companies are the only ones that I have a quibble with - why not just cut out the pretense and become a government organization? They are exactly that in everything but name.

  2. Not a Goober:

    Please, bring your company to eastern Tennessee, and take over the management of TVA lake campgrounds. They are very poorly kept and managed by TVA. TVA has done a good job in some of their US Congress designated responsibilities but developing and managing campgrounds is certainly not one of them. The Army Corp of Engineers, on the other hand, does a very good job but I assume they contract the managing and upkeep of their campgrounds to private companies.