Andrew Thomas Disbarred, but Only Because His Prosecutorial Abuse Was Against Elected Officials

The good news:  Andrew Thomas was disbarred, a fate he richly deserved for his amazing prosecutorial abuses, for example bringing fake RICO and bribery charges against a judge to force him to recuse himself from another case in which he was likely to rule against Thomas.  Some of my many articles on Thomas are .

But here is what depresses me:  I believe he was disbarred only because his prosecutorial over-reach and abuse was aimed at public officials.  Similar or worse abuses against private parties are seldom if ever punished.   This is lawyers and public officials defending their own.  When I see this much concern aimed at abuses of private individuals, I will be more likely to cheer.

Update:  I am a terrible editor, but I am sure I did not type "Proprietorial" rather than "Prosecutorial" in the original title.  I think I have some kind of weird auto-correct problem going on.  Though until now I did not know "proprietorial" was a word.


  1. Chris:

    Matt Brown a lawyer her in Chandler made a similar comment on his blog as well.

    I agree.

  2. MJ:

    In this case, I'll take a glass half full over an empty one, no questions asked.

  3. IGotBupkis, Channeler of the Intellectual Giants of the Left:

    >>> Though until now I did not know “proprietorial” was a word.

    Well, now you know it for posteriority. 8^D