A Victory of Sorts

This is a nice but probably meaningless gesture to protecting basic Constitutional rights (Hat tip to a reader)

Just a week after the Virginia legislature approved a law to refuse compliance with NDAA“indefinite detentions,” an Arizona law committing the Grand Canyon State to noncompliance with any attempted federal kidnapping under the NDAA now stands just a signature away from implementation.

I guess I would be more thrilled if I thought the state would have passed this if there were a Republican in the White House, but I can't make myself believe it.


  1. Don:

    The sobering point is, Brewer's not expected to sign it, but damned if they didn't at least pass it. Texas wimped out on passing a law outlawing the TSA grope because they didn't want to risk the blow-back.


  2. Agammamon:

    Sometimes you have to take the victories you can get.