Things I Did Not Know

Survivors of lightening strikes are often left with unique fractal scars.

I can just see someone walking up to one of these folks

"Dude, where did you get those amazing tats?"

"Forget it.  The price is too high."


  1. Dan:

    Mom: The lord jesus saved your brother's life today?

    Me: Okay mom - I'll bite. . . how did god save his life?

    Mom: He was working outside on a [Giant metal] dumptruck when a lightning storm came by. He thought he could finish, but the dumptruck / he was struck by lightening.

    Me: And he is okay?

    Mom: Praise Jesus yes.

    Me: Don't you think if god was on it that he should have made sure he was not hit or at least planted the suggestion that he go inside and finish later?

    Mom: Don't blaspheme.

    Me: In fact, perhaps if god were really on it, he should have sent that bolt my way.

    Mom: This is why we don't talk.

  2. me:

    Well, God turns out to be one hell of a tattoo artist (well, really, scarification, but who's counting?)

    Thank you for sharing this Warren!

  3. Goober:

    Don't blaspheme!

    I you really wanted to get her worked up, you could have gone with the "you mean I shouldn't blaspheme against the God who by his own admission in his own autobiography is a sociopathic mass-murderer that slaughters people to stoke his own ego and throws innocent souls into the pits of hell to burn for eternity for having the temerity to be born and grow up in a place that has never even heard of him? You mean that God?

    I've found in general that one gets them really worked up.

  4. Matt:


  5. RandomReal[]:

    Reminds me of one of my favorite photographers, Hiroshi Sugimoto. He has a series of exposures that he calls Lightening Fields -- Not photographs of lightning, but the results of electrical discharges on photographic plates.