Quote of the Day

Lots more updates but I have to get home from Buffalo first.  Here is a funny quote

When the Earth Hour ambassadors include a child, a magician, a couple of actors, a singer, a model, a chef, a radio presenter, a celebrity gardener, a priest, a hotelier, a former rock star, a green politician, an SBS landscape architect and not a single economist or scientist, I think we’ve long stopped listening to “the science” and are checking out the designer label.


  1. Dan:

    To be fair, you are a "campground manager". That doesn't mean you don't have good things to say.

    Yup, your point is still solid, but a comment like this cheapens your argument IMHO. Stay on message with the math being busted on feedback loops and leave the rhetorical tricks to the other team.

  2. W. C. Taqiyya:

    I mildly disagree with Dan. I don't think re-posting funny quotes from warmers, or whatever they are, is a mere trick. Rather, it is perfectly valid to illustrate 'climate changer' silliness in their own words. They are, after all, Earth Hour 'ambassadors' and acting under color of some sort of authority, are they not? Sure, they ain't experts, but they have an audience of non-experts who might benefit from a more balanced perspective. Further, if an opinion is valid or invalid, it matters not the source. But invalid, widely distributed opinions should probably be challenged. As a legitimate rhetorical device, humor works well. I like Lizzie, she thinks making a statement is action. Great stuff.