Image Search Tool

My readers recently taught me this trick for trying to identify an image.  Go to this link:

Click on the little camera in the right-hand side of the search box.  This brings up a sort of reverse image search, where you can upload an image or put in an image URL and it will give you a guess as to what it is.


  1. Arthur Felter:

    Or you can just drag-and-drop the image to the search bar.

  2. Angus S-F:

    Try also

  3. Bruce:

    It gives mixed results. For an image of a steam locomotive (in an engine shed) I got photos of a couple autos, an auto interior showing the dashboard, a fashion show, and a rock band.

    For a photo of the destroyed rescue train on Islamorada (Overseas Railroad, 1935 hurricane) it correctly served up variations of the photo, maps of the Florida Keys, and links to articles/postings on the 1935 hurricane.

    - Bruce

  4. jdh:

    I uploaded a full side on view of a '67 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that is parked in my front yard. It didn't seem to even recognize it as a car.