Thank God no one can see the future, because if you told me in 1972 that forty years later we would still be using the suffix -gate to denote a scandal, I might not have had the will to carry on.


  1. caseyboy:

    Just pray the last gate you see is Heaven's Gate (from the inside).

  2. me:

    Thank you for adding some much-needed levity to the day :D

  3. Gil:

    Best of all the first "-gate" wasn't a suffix at all?

  4. DavidR:

    Gil, it's similar to the way we tack "-aholic" onto an addict's vice: "shopaholic", "workaholic", etc.

    Considering how quickly we went from Watergate to ABSCAM, I figured at the time it would be "SCAM" that would be tacked on to every scandal. It would've made more sense, too: "FakeSCAM", "ClimateSCAM", etc.