Well, I Guess Dave Barry Was Right About Libertarians

This has to be the bottom headline of the day:  Joe Arpaio: Craigslist Used To Find A Dog To "Fornicate" With Woman While Husband And Friend Watched.  Sheriff Joe certainly does seem to be the last bastion against a total breakdown of civilization.  I am so relieved he is on top of this.  Gives me the willies to think he might have been chasing murderers or something and let these guys escape.


  1. Bram:

    Glad Sheriff Joe never saw our Platoon's hog board.

  2. MNHawk:

    Is that mug shot of the dog up for mug shot of the week?

  3. Benjamin Cole:

    Well, it might be cruelty to animals, depending on what the wife looked like.

  4. Che is dead:

    I provided you with the evidence that he is, in fact, doing a much better job of capturing "murders or something" - at least in comparison to the pro-illegal, leftist sheriff next door in Pima County - in the comment thread to your last pathetic anti-Joe Arpaio post:

    "The citizens of Pima County are up to their necks in crime, especially when compared to neighboring Maricopa County. Thirty years of hyper-partisan Democrat-led law enforcement have resulted in the highest crime rates in Arizona. The citizen who lives in Pima County, compared to media-reviled Joe Arpaio’s territory just next door, will have almost three times the chance of being murdered; is more than seven times as likely to be raped; is more than six times as likely to be assaulted; and more than seven times as likely to have experienced a property crime such as burglary, arson or car theft."


    Of course, if the guy, his wife and his friend happen to be Mexican or Hispanic, you could always write another Sheriff Joe hates "brown-skinned" people rant.

  5. chembot:

    Favorite comment on original story: "Arpaio totally cockblocked that dog." LOL

  6. SR:

    I was going to say before Che beat me to it, that I think Joe is probably after the murders and rapists too.

  7. Gil:

    And this isn't a crime? Dave Barry's fear is confirmed.

  8. Mark2:

    @Che and SR I agree with you that Joe is probably doing a decent job with real murderers, and discouraging groups likely to commit crime from hanging around Warren's house.

    However, I do think this is a bit over the top.

    It isn't just Joe though, most jurisdictions take bestiality a bit too seriously compared to other crimes.

  9. morganovich:

    one might be forgiven for wondering just what joe was doing trolling personal ads like that one.

  10. John O.:

    This case probably wasn't all that resource intensive but makes for great headlines for Joe as it allows him to fit into some important narratives. Particularly the narrative that he's "saving marriage" because as political commentators have before same-sex marriage is going to lead to crazy animal marriages. Also he's fitting into the animal protection narrative (he has a streak for this that includes a raid on house suspected of being involved in an animal fight ring that involved a military vehicle and a lousy action film actor with law enforcement credentials in Louisiana).

    But when it comes to what I see, I see this as probably being an easy case to take the heat off the more pressing corruption and abuse of office problems in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has been having. Frankly, corruption and abuse of office is something I do not tolerate regardless of moral presentation. I always believe that no public official has the virtuous high ground if they have to resort to any form of corruption and abuse of office.

    When I see the typical commenters who continue to try to one-up Mr. Meyer on the issues involving Sheriff Arpaio, I ignore them as they have not contributed anything useful to the conversation and are more about clinging to false security.

  11. MJ:

    This a**hole must be missing a chromosome. Here is his latest PR stunt.