Easily the Most Awesome Thing I Have Seen For A While

Star Wars crowd-sourced in 15-second intervals, each by a different person, often in completely different styles.

The garbage chute scene at 1:18 is pretty representative of what this is about. We get live action (both high and low quality props), animation, sock puppets and even ferrets.

The opening 20th Century Fox credit change is great - how they missed this idea in the real movie, I will never know.


  1. Noumenon:

    I didn't watch when anyone else linked to it, but when you did I tried it and it made me laugh four times in the first eight minutes. Not bad.

  2. I Got Bupkis, AGW Skeptic to the stars:

    This only shows what can happen if copyright stops being copyright-as-control and becomes copyright-as-reward (i.e., you get money for things you create, but have no control over them).

    Think about it. When was the last time Disney made a feature film cartoon, or even a decent Pixar-like short with Mickey Mouse? Now what would happen if a thousand people were able to do their own things with MM, and not worry about Disney lawyers jumping down their throats? Disney gets a piece of anything that comes from it, and the creator gets kudos and attention for their ability to create.

    Disney can still retain a great deal of power by possessing the TM and "Official" marques applied to their creation, to identify endorsed stuff.

    In a copyright-as-reward arena, editors and publicists gain a moderate amount of power by their recommendations.

  3. hanmeng:

    This is just the first step. Its crude, but if people could get together & produce their own stuff, we wouldn't need their friggin' Mickey. Why, in the music world, already we've got gems such as Rebecca Blacks' "Friday", which already has the entire music industry quaking in it's boot's. (No doubt.)

  4. Craig:

    My faith in humanity has been restored. We are truly a lovely species.