Question for GM

GM has announced it is willing to give a full refund to customers who bought Volts and are worried they will burst into flames.  My question is this:  In these refunds, does GM or the car buyer intend to reimburse the taxpayer for the $7500 subsidy we kicked in?


  1. Speedmaster:

    Coyote, did you see this story? I posted it this morning:
    Did The NHTSA Suppress Chevy Volt Safety Problems? ( )

  2. caseyboy:

    Look at all the "green jobs" being created. More firefighters. More haz-mat engineers (for home recovery when little Bennie breaks the CFL bulb). More accountants and auditors to unravel the financial dealings of Obama's "green" loans.

  3. epobirs:

    Now that GM is looking to buy volts, they can advertise that interest in the product has doubled!