New Fashion and Style Blog

A new fashion and style blog for women over 40 featured my wife in their December profile.  Definitely the better half.


  1. jay:

    will share that link with my wife.

  2. andre:

    I've never seen you. But knowing what I know at this point, I wouldn't bet against your wife as to who is the "better half".

  3. John Cheek:

    Good for her Warren.My wife is starting to do the same thing.I think that this natural hair thing will catch on.What a drag it must be to keep one's roots colored?!

  4. Doug Wolf:

    Well she's certainly the better *looking* half :-) :-)

  5. Barbara Lamar:

    Your wife is gorgeous, and I love the fashion blog!

    -- From another silver-maned lady

  6. NevadaMark:

    Coyote, you are a lucky man.

  7. zeke:

    She is an attractive lady. Gray hair makes people look 10-20 years older than they really are. Hair dye. Insist on it.

  8. Seb Tombs:

    She looks old but at least she won't get cancer from putting all those chemicals on her head

  9. Hunt Johnsen:

    My wife has silver hair down to her ass - I love it, and she constantly gets positive comments about it from both men and women. I'd say Zeke needs a glass bellybutton and Seb needs to learn to appreciate real beauty rather than just youth.

  10. Seb Tombs:

    Hunt- I think you just disclosed YOUR prejudices: I said she looked old, not ugly.
    White long hair can be a very sophisticated look.
    Old ain't necessarily ugly, in fact, it often isn't :)

  11. Hunt Johnsen:

    "Old ain’t necessarily ugly, in fact, it often isn’t :)"

    Got that right for sure - one thing I note with delight is that, as I age, older women look better and better.