Los Angeles and Litter

The LA Times talks about the trash and litter cleanup at the OWS site in LA.  For reasons I don't fully understand, the absolute worst trash and litter problems we have in running campgrounds around the country are around LA.  For some reason, the closer a recreation area is to LA, the more trash we get dumped on the ground.  Nowhere else in the country comes close.


  1. Eric H:

    Do you have stats? That would be interesting.

  2. IGotBupkis, Official Lefty Accounting Magician:

    >>> Nowhere else in the country comes close.

    You have anything near to Massachusetts or New York State?

    I wager it is liberal child-adults figuring it's mommy's job.

  3. Mark:

    It may be LA has more litter, but these guys had urine bombs everywhere,and bags filled with a week's worth of ones own feces, when the city provide free porta potties for them.

    I would understand if the city had to cart away tons of empty Dorito bags and candy wrappers, but the poop and pee where they are living is pretty gross.