Bill of Rights Update

Tim Lynch brings us an update on the Bill of Rights.  Good news:  The third is doing find.  The rest?  Not so much.


  1. me:

    Good reading. I am going through my yearly assessment of "is it bad enough yet that I should pull up my roots and move to friendlier shores". It's getting surprisingly serious this year.

  2. colson:

    I'm surprised he left off (civil?) asset forfeiture whereby you are merely accused of certain crimes and the state may take and sell (or give to their friends) you posessions.

  3. L Nettles:

    and today we learn that the UK police in cooperation have seized the computer of a Climate Skeptic blogger.

  4. caseyboy:

    Amendment 5 concerning confiscation of property was undermined with the 16th amendment which gave the gubmint the power to lay and collect taxes. Your income is a liquid form of your property. And don't think we can get the Jeanie back in the bottle. They broke that bottle long ago.

  5. Ted Rado:

    One interesting thing about proponents of big, intrusive government is that they only want their own views imposed on others. They should bear in mind that once the idea of the authoritarian state in established, the day may come when things they are against will be stuffed down their throat. There are lots of things that many would like to force on others. Are they willing to have others force things on themselves?

  6. Lorenzo from Oz:

    The recent death of John Lawrence (an appellant in the Lawrence v Texas case) reminds us of a case that fits in with one of your enduring themes: police overreach. In this case, it turned someone who was no sort of activist into a campaigner for rights against the state which did, in this case, lead to a decision which restricts government power. (It had the same effect on his fellow appellant.)

    Mind you, it remains an area which regularly marries small-minded bigotry with intrusive government.