Another Freaking Tax

Every time we enter business in a new state, it is a constant challenge to figure out all the taxes we owe.  In Alabama, for a single campground, we file and pay

  • Alabama lodging tax
  • Alabama sales tax
  • Alabama boat rental tax
  • Marshall County lodging tax
  • Marshall County property tax
  • Marshall County sales tax
  • Marshall County occupancy tax
  • Marshall County health certification
  • Alabama unemployment tax
  • Alabama withholding tax
  • Alabama personal and corporate income tax

So of course we got billed for a new one today, for the Alabama Business Privilege Tax, apparently a corporate net worth tax.  No forms or notices are sent for this tax until after it is due, when one owes about 80% in penalties.

By the way, pay the government for the "privilege" to conduct commerce is one of those government euphemisms that drive me up a tree.


  1. Danny:

    A government that charges for the privilege of doing business is an evil government.

  2. el coronado:

    Can't help but think that list differs from medieval Royal taxes/fees and - more importantly - Mob shakedown costs....not at all. The difference being that with the Mob, once you've paid, you've paid.

    Not a good sign when it's highly preferable to do business with the Mob than with the various govt entities. The Mob at least gives you value for your buck: buy drugs, or guns, or a hooker, or a loan, and you get 'em. Then too, the Mob doesn't pretend to be anything other than what they are.

    Yeah, this'll end well.

  3. blokeinfrance:

    Sounds like an excellent argument for fiscal union in the eurozone to me. Maybe you should sell it to them, Warren?

  4. ed:

    Can't we find some way to blame this on Obama?

  5. Anonamoose:

    No, this can't be right. Someone on the internet told me corporations don't pay taxes.

  6. T J Sawyer:

    What, no pillow tax?

    That's the most interesting one I have ever been charged on a lodging invoice.

  7. thomasblair:

    >>Someone on the internet told me corporations don’t pay taxes.

    That person was correct. When you stay at Coyote's campground, YOU pay those taxes.

  8. mahtso:

    ">>Someone on the internet told me corporations don’t pay taxes.
    That person was correct. When you stay at Coyote’s campground, YOU pay those taxes."

    That may or may not be true: the blogger might pass the taxes to the consumer through higher fees or he might pay the taxes through reduced profits or a reduced salary.

    Consider a company like Apple that is sitting on billions, presumably it could pay taxes by spending some of that cash rather than passing the taxes on to consumers.

  9. marco73:

    At least you are permitted to publish this list of taxes. When Australia shoved through their AGW taxes, the government forbid businesses to publicize that prices had gone up because of the AGW tax.

  10. aeronathan:

    I never thought that a state gov't could be harder to deal with than MS. Then I moved to AL....

  11. Smock Puppet, Fantasy TV Viewer:

    >> Can’t we find some way to blame this on Obama?

    No, but I'm sure he can find a way to blame it on Bush... :D

  12. Brad S:

    The only advantage we have over some other cultures in which "squeeze" is rampant is that ours is conducted more openly and efficiently.

  13. Boobah:

    @Brad S.:

    A) Coyote's complaint at the end was, in part, that that last wasn't all that open.

    B) Even if that's the only advantage, it is by no means a small one.