My Brief Conversation with the Homeland Security Department This Morning

I got a call this morning from Homeland Security about their e-verify immigration tracking system (which we are required by law to use in Arizona).  The caller said that Homeland Security was interested in the satisfaction of their customers.  I told her that I am not her customer.  I am a subject of the state who is forced by law against my will to use their system.  A customer is someone who is in a voluntary relationship.

The call ended soon after that.  I supposed I have just asked for some sort of audit, but at this point I don't care.


  1. me:

    Thank you for standing up for all of us.

  2. Gil:

    Good for you.

    I'm sure it's easy for them to forget about the coercion and pretend they're just providing a service that everybody wants.

    It seems to me to be useful to remind them of the nature of the relationship (if it doesn't cause you too many problems).

  3. steve:

    Good luck. It is a fine line you walk. Yes, people have to stand up to make things change, but on the other hand these people get paid to make examples of dissenters. It is water off a ducks back to most of them when they do their job, and they got 40 hours a week with benefits to do it in. It really takes many, many dissenters to make a significant difference. Tricky. Timing I guess.

  4. eddie:

    In fairness to the agent, some businesses surely do use e-verify voluntarily. So the service does have some actual customers.

    But they're probably the vast minority of their users.

  5. dullgeek:

    Well done. Especially since you did it in real time. I almost always come up with the thing I want to say about 15 minutes after he opportunity to say it has passed.

  6. John Anderson:

    I'd like to buy you a drink.

  7. Steve Burrows:


    bit by little bit, we may get some of our liberty back via small acts like this adding up.

    Hoping there is a straw about to fall on the camel's back.

  8. astonerii:

    Eh, she probably was not really an employee and you will be left unmolested.

    Nice stand up answer.

  9. Bill Beyer:

    Awesome! We need more people to stand up for themselves like that. And sadly, we do resemble subjects more than citizens all too often. I hope you don't get subjected to harrasment from petty officials, though.

  10. Mark Alger:

    Good on ya! You and Gibson. More businessmen need to stand up to the statists -- understanding that the calculus that it's too expensive to fight city hall is short-sighted and costs more in the long run than otherwise.