I have tried to write this post several times but we are having some kind of Internet problem and I keep losing the post just before I get it finished.  Anyway, let's try again.

Yesterday my daughter was reading after school.  Like many freshman English classes, they are doing Greek mythology.  I was asking her questions about her day when she yelled at me, "dad, I have one more paragraph left in Sisyphus, just let me finish.  Every time you interrupt me I have to start over".  So of course I had to wait about ten seconds, just when I estimated she was about done, and I interrupted her again.  I kept doing this for a while, thinking it was simply hilariously apt.  Unfortunately, I don't think she


  1. Gorgasal:

    Not everybody will get the jo

  2. Andrew:


  3. jeffmeh:

    For the next chapter you may have to dangle the book over her head and pull it just out of reach when she tries to get it.

  4. Earle Williams:

    Thanks Warren, that was laugh out loud funny.

  5. DrTorch:

    Watch who tells the physicans "pull the plug" no matter what the EEG actually shows.

  6. Brian:

    Molten Irony.

  7. commieBob:

    Glad I was sitting at someone else's keyboard.

  8. steve:

    The Greek gods were often cruel too.

  9. Elliot:

    Next week: Prometheus. You'll need an endless supply of fava beans and Chianti.

  10. perlhaqr:


  11. dearieme:

    What will you do to her when she reaches Procrustes?