Coyote on TV

I will be on the Fox and Friends morning show tomorrow morning at about 8:50ET  (though of course these things are always subject to change right up to the last minute).  I will be talking Fisker Karma.

This will make the third time I have been on national TV -- one talking about park management, one talking about the minimum wage and this one talking about MPG calculations for electric cars.  At least I am not in a rut, though I think my pundit brand identification is probably confusing.


  1. TVH:

    Congrats in advance. Looking forward to seeing the segment.

  2. Doug Wolf:

    Well done. Yours is a voice that should be (figuratively, at least) heard!

    -- DW

  3. Stan:

    The polymath pundit!

  4. Barbara S. Meyer:

    That's my boy!!!!