Test Driving Communist Cars

This is awesome, and the only real argument is which one is the bigger piece of crap.  The drag race was particularly funny. Part 2 here

Update: Fixed the second link.  Forgot to give credit to reader Leith Kronenberg for the link, who, by the way, needs his own blog.


  1. Arthur Felter:

    You sound as if you're new to Top Gear. If so, you, my friend, have been missing out.

  2. Andrew:

    Top Gear is definitely my favorite government funded project ever.

  3. Shane:

    OMG the best part about the videos is the commercials ... I am still laughing. Sponsored by ......

  4. Rolo Tomasi:

    If you're new to Top Gear you have a lot of required viewing ahead of you.

  5. John Moore:

    Very nice!

    In 1991, we took a drive through East Germany (just re-unified). There were Trabants (Trabi) all over the place, many dead by the side of the road. We were hoping to get a piece of one as a souvenir of fine socialist engineering, go go along with the chunk of concrete we pried off of the iron curtain. Unfortunately, we underestimated how beloved those rolling fire-traps were to their owners, who had waited years to be able to purchase them.

  6. morganovich:

    the race against the dog is classic.