Media Mascot for Prosecutorial Abuse

Until two days ago, I had never ever heard of Nancy Grace but apparently she has a TV show or something and uses it to actively root for prosecutorial abuse.  The presumption of innocence is frustrating until they come for you.


  1. Dave Boz:

    Oh indeed. Nancy Grace had the (innocent) students in the Duke lacrosse rape-hoax tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison long before the facts of the case were known. Even though that particular case resulted in the disbarment of the district attorney, she's never wavered in her support of prosecutors and has never, as far as I know, acknowledged how utterly wrong she was in almost every pronouncement related to the affair. Nancy Grace cannot be trusted to tell you from which direction the sun rises.

  2. Retardo:

    The same creature went ape back in March about how everybody in California had been lethally irradiated by Fukushima, and it must be true because the governor had declared a state of emergency about something else, or something. She was too hysterical to parse with any certainty. She got personally abusive with some other talking head who was treating her much more gently than she deserved.

    I'd never heard of her either. Apparently that's her schtick: Pick something at random, deliberately misunderstand it in the stupidest way she can find, and go howlingly emotional about it. A real piece of work. Pretty sad there's a market for that.

  3. Fred:

    She's a complete nutter.

  4. DrTorch:

    Wow, you must never be in an airport around 5pm

  5. Mark:

    @Retardo It is like
    Roseaenne Roseannadanna from the old SNL news.

    She would always completely misunderstand what an issue was and do a large editorial, and get hysterical about it.

    The anchor would then explain to her, that her topic really was about something else.

    And she would always end saying "Never mind"

    At least Roseanne admitted her faults though and say "Never Mind"

  6. mishu:


    That's Emily Leitella.

  7. George Edwards:

    Grace is Dagenham mad, and that's three stops beyond Barking.


  8. Dick Stanley:

    "...until they come for you..." Ain't it the truth.