Dust Storm

We get dust storms from time to time here (though not as often as, say, in Eastern Washington, at least from the short experience I had there).  Last night we had a big one, and as usual every surface is covered in dirt.  While it was going on, it looked like a London fog, but with dirt instead of water.

What made this one different for me is that I got to see it roll in from the south.  It was an amazing sight.  It looked like a scene from Steven King's the Mist, or perhaps from the bottom of a volcano slope watching a pyroclastic flow coming at you.  It reminded me of standing in the streets of Manhattan on 9/11 and watching the cloud of debris coming at us after the first tower fell.  Here is a picture from the AZ Republic of the storm rolling in from the south like a giant tsunami.

Here is a video of it rolling in, which is really cool, if you can ignore the end-is-near typical style of local reporting that has to blow up every odd event into a catastrophe demanding that one tune in at eleven.


  1. Dan:

    Lucky for you it just looked like Stephen King's "The Mist" or by now you would have been torn apart and eaten by some kind of spider-like creature from another world.

  2. John Hudock:

    Someone has been in the mummy's tomb.

  3. rox_publius:

    between your scorpions and your duststorms, you are doing well to remind me why i should stay in the mid-atlantic region despite all our statist inclinations.

  4. AMB:

    As a native son of Eastern Washington, you have my sympathies. In the Colombia Basin, we call those "termination winds". Supposedly it comes from the 40s when, after a big dust storm, workers at the Hanford Nuclear Site would quit, pack up, and head back East.

    Enjoy the storm. Hope you didn't wash your car today.

  5. Dave Boz:

    The only good dust storm is one that is followed by a big enough rainfall to wash away the dirt. Last night, I only got enough sprinkle to make sure the mud was encrusted on my car. But the good news is that all the hot air blew out and today it's a balmy 75 degrees.


  6. DrTorch:

    I never remember anything quite like that when I lived there.