Teaching Company Sale

I have bought numerous audio and video Teaching Company courses and have never been disappointed.  Until tomorrow they are having a 70% off sale on many of their courses.

A few I have heard and would recommend:

History of the US

History of London

Big History

American Civil War

Chinese History

Modern Western Civ (I am doing this one now)

Early Middle Ages (one of three by same professor on the Middle Ages.  All three are awesome)  here is late Middle Ages

History of Ancient Rome (not rated as well on this site but this is probably my favorite)

World War I

World War II

I am kind of amazed how long the list is, but I have actually listened to several others I would not recommend or that are not on sale.

Update: Use coupon code VFRC to get an additional $20 if you spend over $50.  By the way, I don't get any commissions.  I just believe in the product.


  1. Steve S:


    I'm going to recommend "The Neurological Origins of Individuality". Very interesting foray into the brain and kind of turns your grade-school view of genes on its head, i.e. genes do not determine everything about you, environmental triggers can release hormones that make genes express themselves more or less often.

    Good nature vs. nurture primer. Wonder what Bryan Caplan would think...

  2. Craig:

    Thanks. I just ordered the pre-calc/calc package for my boys. Smoking good deal!

  3. Anonymous Mike:

    Being out in the DC area I have noticed that the area libraries have pretty much every title - the selection in the Phoenix-area ones are limited with Phoenix having none and Peoria and Chandler having the most (Mesa and Scottsdale are also very good)

    My favorites?

    Skeptics and Believers
    Natural Law and Human Nature
    Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World
    Robert Lee and His Generals

  4. L.J. Brooks:

    A couple of years ago I was surprised to find a catalog from the Teaching Company in my mail box. Don't know why I got it, but glad I did. The one's I have include:

    - Great Battles of the Ancient World
    - Between the Rivers: The History of Ancient Mesopotamia
    - Ancient Empires Before Alexander
    - Machiavelli in Context
    - The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
    - War and World History

    I've finished the first two and almost through Ancient Empires. Except for a couple of quibbles with Ancient Battles I've enjoyed them immensely.

  5. Don:

    Well, crap! I've drooled over their

  6. Don:

    Let's try that again!

    I've drooled over their Great Minds of the Western Intellectual Tradition for several years. The put the thing on sale and I find out about it just after I find out that I gotta spend $2K getting my truck fixed and I just started a new business.


  7. Phil:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I ordered the Western Civ course, a course on the history of London, and a course on meteorology. That's an eclectic list.

  8. Tom Bakewell:

    My mother got into their courses in the 90's. She would listen and iron and had a grand time. She got me going and we now have built up quite a fine collection by waiting for their sales. My favorite course is about the Crusades. All are simply excellent and merit revisiting.

    Tom Bakewell

  9. supermike:

    If you like this, you may really like MIT's open university. World class lectures for free (from their website or iTunes U) I listen to them when I'm driving etc. They also have a series or two from the Mieses institute.

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