Police Need More Accountability, Not Less

Because we give special powers to use force to the police that most of the rest of us do not have, the police need more scrutiny and accountability, not less.  However, the police tend to fight this accountability at every turn -- in particular, they tend to want to ban any filming of their public activities, even if they have to do it through violence.  Likely, this is because every time a video surfaces, it seems to contradict the cover story the police involved have agreed to.  I am all for mandatory surveillance of police.

Update: Here is a fun search.  Google:  "Video Contradicts Police Report" and see how many different hits you get.


  1. Zach:

    We need 24 hour surveillance of not just police, but anyone in charge of making, executing, or enforcing laws. Cops, congresscritters, presidents, even the friggin' restaurant inspector. If you have been delegated the power to ruin my life, I should be able to verify that you're ruining my life because of my own actions, not because my enemies have paid you off, or because you were picked on as a kid and have t compensate for it now. Don't like it? Quit being a thug with a badge (or an electorate) and stay out of power.

  2. Ignoramus:

    It's not just for cops. Here's a story you couldn't make up. The incident happened back in March.

    In the spirit of Memento, watch this surveillance video from Bush Airport in Houston first. It was only recently was made public. Then guess what you think happened:


    You can skip to around 1:10, watch the guy near the bottom in the white shirt. He was a West Point cadet until this incident happened.

  3. Ignoramus:

    The West Point cadet was flying home for vacation -- he was yakking on his cell near curbside. Singer Patti Labelle and her entourage came along to get into a limo. The cadet wandered to close to her bags, so Patti sikked her bodyguards on him. He got beaten senseless and ended up in hospital.

    The latter part of the video shows Patti posing for pictures with Houston police. Collectively they concocted a false police report that made the cadet out to be the instigator. The cadet admitted to having had a couple of drinks on the plane, which the police used to say he was drunk.

    The police report was enough to get the cadet suspended from West Point.

  4. Andrew:

    People defending stories like this make me livid.

  5. Smock Puppet:

    Better Police
    For a Better Police State

  6. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    The Transparent Society
    The cameras are coming. They're getting smaller and nothing will stop them.
    The only question is: who watches whom?

    by David Brin