What Are You Doing After the Rapture? I'm Going to DisneyWorld

Apparently, certain religious prognosticators are forecasting sunny weather with a chance of rapture this Saturday.  I have decided to enjoy the beginning of the end with my daughter at DisneyWorld.  My hope is that once all the good Christians ascend in to Heaven, the lines will be a lot shorter for those of us left behind.  Besides, perhaps there will be a post-apocalyptic opportunity to play out Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.

For a variety of reasons related in part to my dad's company's sponsorship of certain things Disney, I have been to DisneyWorld a ridiculous number of times.  My Disney reviews are here.


  1. Mesa Econoguy:

    Splendid idea - enjoy.

    I can help you with the "backstage" areas.

    (Wife used to work there)

  2. chuck martel:

    I sure hope there isn't any "rapture" or end of the world while a horse race that I've got money bet on is under way. Unless my horse is up the track.

  3. marco73:

    I can give you some advice that may in fact be helpful: its supposed to be really sunny, so wear sunscreen.

  4. Sam L.:

    It's cloudy here,and gotta

  5. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    I believe anyone who claims they know when the trump will occur is pretty much a lying two-bit self-serving charlatan.

    They can't even really qualify as a deluded fool, since even the fool who knows the Bible knows that it specifically states than NO MAN will know when it comes ahead of time.

    So the only people who could be making pronouncements are people looking to serve their own interests by getting others to act inappropriately.

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