Statistics and Risk

XKCD is freaking awesome today, making fun of the media and food-risk scare stories. Absolutely dead-on.


  1. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    > XKCD is freaking awesome today

    This is, of course, "dog bites man", not "man bites dog".

  2. Uncle Bill:

    Great cartoon! I worked for 30+ years in R&D, and you would be amazed how many R&D workers don't get this basic concept. I wonder how many average folks actually get it...

  3. Bill:

    At some p greater than 5%, I would expect "statistical significance," so why not "p.05"?

  4. Bill:

    oooops --- "why not "p less than .05" rather than "p greater than .o5"?

  5. Hasdrubal:

    Offtopic but speaking of XKCD, I presume you saw