NCAA Bracketology Winner

Our winner was Scott Strattner, congratulations!  It was a weird year, obviously.  Scott won despite getting only one team right out of the final four, though that was pretty much par for the course this year.  Here is the top 10:

Leaderboard after 63 games - See full standings
Bracket Rank Points
strattner2 1 120
Chris Smith 2 115
Kevin Spires #2 3 107
Paul Dubuc 4 92
Chuck Jones #2 5 92
Bracket Rank Points
Grant Smith #2 6 91
strattner1 7 90
Jimbeaux Evans #2 8 89
Mark Horn / Barack Obama 9 88
Alex Sylvester 10 88

I managed to come in 61st, or exactly in the middle.  That's actually pretty good since I only got 6 of the sweet-16 right.  I lost, though, to every other member of my family.


  1. morganovich:

    i am still laughing about coming in 17th given that i pretty much picked at random (and was biased by being a Connecticut boy) and never, ever watch basketball...

    go huskies!

  2. Xmas:

    Strattner had it locked up before the Final Four games even started.

    I think played the scoring system after he picked his winners. He has a lot of 11s over 4s, etc, in the early rounds.

  3. Scott Strattner:

    It was an honor and a pleasure. I look forward to this moving to the first page of Google results of my name.