The Perfect Story Will Combine Joe Arpaio and Sex with Dogs

This soooo reminds me of Dave Barry's Interview years ago with reason.

​The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office busted two guys -- one of whom was an elementary school music teacher -- last month who allegedly used Craigslist to try and have sex with a dog, and the sheriff seems to think it's becoming a trend -- despite it only happening once.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio earlier this week wrote a letter to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster alerting him of his office's findings and advising him to re-examine security policies on the website to make sure people don't use it to coordinate sex with animals -- again, despite it only happening one time that the sheriff knows about.

Here is the quote from Barry's interview: And here is my post on it

John wrote about it and he got into the usual thing where he immediately got to the question of whether or not you can have sex with dogs. The argument was that if it wasn't illegal to have sex with dogs, naturally people would have sex with dogs. That argument always sets my teeth right on edge....

I got a few letters, mostly pretty nice. One or two letters saying, "Here’s why it wouldn’t work to be a libertarian, because people will have sex with dogs." Arguments like, "Nobody would educate the kids." People say, "Of course you have to have public education because otherwise nobody would send their kids to school." And you’d have to say, "Would you not send your kids to school? Would you not educate them?" "Well, no. I would. But all those other people would be having sex with dogs."


  1. Retardo:

    So on the internet, or at least on Craigslist, some people DO know you're a dog.

  2. caseyboy:

    As our world becomes more "enlightened" and we rise above all those quaint religious beliefs we can abandon those unreasonable social taboos and have sex with animals. If it feels good do it, right? Dumb down America and desensitize the population then enjoy the circus of life.

  3. Fred Z:

    I fear I have had more sex with dogs than I care to admit. But I was young, horny and drunk, and so were they.

  4. Steve:

    Were they having sex with the dogs in school?

  5. Graeme:

    So when will "Patting the poodle" enter the common vernacular as a euphemisim???