Taking Local News Too Far

Perhaps this is just a pet peeve of mine, but I really hate it when local news organizations try to find a local angle to a huge international story.  This headline from the Arizona Republic today is a good example:

No injuries reported to workers in Japan employed by Arizona companies


  1. L Nettles:

    In 1984 tornadoes broke out in South Carolina. The headline in Toronto was Tornados in South Carolina - Myrtle Beach Spared (Myrtle Beach is a prime destination for Canadian Snowbirds)

  2. Foxfier:

    As someone who spent most of the morning chewing my nails until the Marine Times put out a similar story-- "all military in Japan accounted for"-- I can't agree.

    I know friends in the PI are waiting for similar stories, especially since ship workers and dock workers from the Philippines often head to Japan for jobs.

  3. Mesa Econoguy:

    Yes, and there were also no local injuries from the 2 ft waves in San Diego.

    It's nice to live inland/upland. With zero seismic activity. And zero hurricanes. And silly, mostly unintrusive government.

  4. tnelson:

    I completely agree. One of the local (AZ) radio stations said that Japan would recover from this event. Wow! what other choice do they have?!! Reminded me of a few years ago when a hurricane came up the Gulf of California and the local news stations put reports in yellow rain slickers in Wikiup or somewhere close to report on the storm surge. No wonder i get my news from sites like yours and Maggie's Farm.

  5. Henry Bowman:

    I find it a bit annoying, as well, but it is probably good to remember that most newspapers these days are definitely not living high on the hog, and if they see an angle that might get people to purchase their product, they usually take it.

  6. pascvaks:

    "No injuries reported to workers in Japan employed by Arizona companies"


    "Thousands of Arizona workers employed by Japanese companies will be injured soon"

    It's kinda' like a pen-da-lum, or a doub-ble edged sword... 'everyman's death diminishes me' etc.

  7. DrTorch:

    Wow, and I thought it was mostly my small city hometown newspaper that did stuff like that.


  8. blokeinfrance:

    "Local man lost at sea", allegedly the headline in many papers when the titanic sank.