Getting Really Close

I have decided to save the photo-essay of my speaker-building project until the project is finished and I can put it all in one long post.  However, just as an update, I am really close to done.  The three speakers (left, center, right) will go behind my accoustically-perforated projection screen.  As you can see, the enclosures are complete and primed and the crossovers are complete and installed.  The special paint I ordered arrived today so I can paint this weekend and install the drivers.

The funny shape of the openings at top are due to my choice of drivers -- the tweeter will be a horn-style driver, an approach I wanted to try for home theater in a large room (movie theater speakers use the same technology).  The cabinet is ported for bass response -- that is what the rectangular opening is in the upper right.   These are based on a design by Pi speakers.

Knock on wood but given my total and complete lack of carpentry skills and experience (think Anthony Michael Hall in the Breakfast Club, the geeky kid who fails shop), I am just thrilled with how they are coming out.

Just a teaser -- all will be explained soon....


  1. NL:

    Ok, just to summarize, you:
    - run a multi-state business;
    - have three blogs;
    - write a regular column for;
    - do conferences and primers on climate science;
    - wrote a novel;
    - build model train sets, in some especially time-consuming method;
    - designed a home server for all your music;
    - built speakers by hand for a home theater system.

    And at some point you must interact with your wife and kids. Do you even sleep?

    I'm pretty sure the blogger known as "Warren Meyer" is actually just a composite of multiple clones like in that movie Multiplicity.

  2. Steve:

    NL, I think you are on to something.