Beautiful Photography by Stanley Kubrick

Before he made movies, he apparently was a really good photographer.


  1. Ignoramus:

    Maybe my favorite director, and a fellow Bronx boy.

    The use of contrast on these photos is suberb. It shows in Stanley's black and whites like Dr Strangelove and Paths of Glory. Paths is the "tightest" flick I've ever seen -- there's not a wasted nanosecond.

  2. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    Not the least bit surprised at all by this.

    I'm almost with Ignoramus, he was a fantastic director for the most part. The only one I'd put above him, offhand, for putting out equal quality far more often, is Hitchcock: Rope, Rear Window, Dial M, Strangers On A Train, Suspicion, The Lady Vanishes, and so forth. These stand up to Stanley's best. And then it's time to list off the ones that everyone else (not me) consider Hitchcock's best -- Psycho, North by Northwest, The Birds -- and then the others -- The Trouble with Harry, Vertigo, and so on. Hitch beats out Stanley by managing to direct quantity as well as quality.

    But both were among, if not inarguable THE, greatest masters of their craft.