I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

I hate to cut and paste so much of another blogger's  post, but this is just excellent:

Last week Andrei Cherny wrote an Op Ed piece for the Republic in which he decried political labels and announced that he was the leader of Arizona's version of the "No Labels" movement.  Here's the creed of the "No Lables" movement.

We can overthrow the tyranny of hyper-partisanship that dominates our political culture today. We can break down the institutions of power that are corroding our system. We can do this because we have the power of numbers. All we have to do is join together.

This week Cherny announced he's running for Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party.


  1. Mesa Econoguy:

    Is there a technical term for extreme self-delusional idiomatic hypocrisy?

  2. Sharpshooter:

    How about, "Putz"?

    Or "Cementhead"?

  3. greg:

    Reminds me of a guy I saw on a Harley once. He was wearing a jacket with the patch "Independant Bikers Association".

  4. Ron H.:

    ...or the Scion commercial that states:

    "We are united by individuality."

  5. MJ:

    No labels. No scruples either.

  6. Mark:

    A No labels member goes to the doctor. Says, "It hurts when I do this!" Doc doesn't say anything because it might come out wrong.

    Q: What do you call a No Labels member with one leg?
    A: You don't call him anything. Try paying attention next time, wingnut.

    Q: Why did the nolabelist have his underwear on backward?
    A: Because it didn't have a label!
    Q: Why did the nolabelist eat rat poison and die?
    A: Because it was against his principles to read the warning label!
    Q: Why did the No Labels member cross the road? A: Do you really need to call it that?
    Q: How many No Labels members does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    A: I thought I told you to shut up.

    A Chinese guy, a Jewish guy, and a No Labels guy walk into a bar. Only two of them ever figure out how to order.
    A nolabelist and a conservative are talking politics. The conservative says, "I think some of Obama's policies have taken the country too far in the direction of socialism."

    The nolabelist replies: "Stop using labels, you despicable, uncivil... wingnut moron!"

    "Wait a minute," says the conservative. "If you don't believe in labels, why are you calling me all those nasty names?"

    "I said I don't believe in LABELS," says the nolabelist. "I didn't say I don't believe in LIBELS."

  7. Judge Fredd:

    @ Sharp

    I like "Pants on head wearing retarded".

  8. Earle Williams:

    Be original. Join the Dr. Pepper crowd.


  9. Mesa Econoguy:

    Duodenal cranial impaction?