Great Model Railroading

For those of you who, when I mention model railroading, think of Lionel trains on a grass mat with a few plastic buildings, check out some of the examples on this site.  In particular, you can't get a much better introduction to fine model railroad craftsmanship than the work of Karl Osolinski.  Enjoy.


  1. John Cheek:

    I'm speechless.These are many orders of magnitude better than I have seen.

  2. Uncle Bill:

    Well, I happen to like a few Lionel trains on a grass mat. Actually, I have a small collection of prewar (tinplate) Lionel trains, and don't have room for a real layout. This year I was lucky enough that a local museum solicited displays, so I was able to do a small exhibit. I would love to do a real layout some day... maybe if we ever move to a larger house. But for now, a few trains on a grass mat is all I can manage.

  3. MikeinAppalachia:

    Agree with John Cheek. What a talent.
    My 1955 vintage two Lionels have to do with just a sheet of plywood-I will try to work up to a grass mat for next Xmass.

  4. Eric Hammer:

    Very nice stuff, though it is funny that as amazing as the buildings and other terrain are the people are just terrible. I have never really understood why that always seems to be the case with model town/train builders. Of course, I like painting people and hate buildings and vehicles, so maybe it is just a different itch, but considering how amazing those buildings are I would think he could get around to throwing a wash and highlight layer on the people :)