If there is anything creepier than weird children's art on the walls of an abandoned mental institution, I am not sure what it is.  From here. (for those who like urban architecture, urban archeology, and/or New York, this is a great site).


  1. colson:

    I can't help but look at the buildings and architecture and think it would make pretty-nice private community or even a nice place to build a university, if it were gutted and rehabbed. God knows we have enough Mental Institutions masquerading as Universities, why not a University masquerading as a Mental Institution. I've heard there are quite a few of these kinds of facilities rotting away all over the Northeast. There's another cool site at if you like looking at creepy, rotting buildings.

  2. Methinks:

    uhhhh.....I think I went slightly insane looking at that.

  3. partha:

    Keep up the good work. Best of luck. From