Unchecked Power

Private companies can be jerks too, but they don't write the laws or control law enforcement.  That is why government is so dangerous, not because I necessarily trust it less, but because there is nothing acting to circumscribe its power.

Ian Cotterell got bad news Monday night when he learned that a city tow truck had plowed into a Roxbury apartment building he owns, blasting a hole in the brick facade and forcing his 17 tenants to vacate. Yesterday, he got more bad news: The city is ticketing him.

After building inspectors examined the building to assess damage from the crash, they cited Cotterell for "structural defects" including collapsed bricks, damaged windows, and other "unsafe and dangerous" conditions, according to an order issued by the city yesterday.

The order noted that a Boston Transportation Department truck "drove into building," but it also ordered Cotterell to fix the problems within 24 hours and appear in court."It's unfair; the code violations I have because the truck made them,"

TJIC has more at the link


  1. Mesa Econoguy:

    Theoretically, the courts should provide some remedy here.

    He could likely pay the fine, then sue the city for damages. Obviously, that would require additional time and effort for an act for which the city is at fault.

  2. Highway:

    Maybe the city figured that broken windows aren't enough, they'll go for breaking whole buildings! Think of the economic stimulus!

  3. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    Well, it's rather blatantly his fault.

    1) He shouldn't have parked his building in the middle of a tow-truck through-route.

    2) He failed to have adequate headlights, tail lights, and brake lights on the building. Running lights and parking lights should also have been maintained in functioning condition.

    3) He failed to maintain proper PIP on the building.

    I mean, hey, it's really quite clear it's the building owner who is at fault, here... y'know?


  4. LoneSnark:

    If true, could he sue the city for recompense of the fines in the form of damages?