My Vote for #1

I had the opportunity to go to the Oscars once, along with the Governor's Ball afterward (the year Eastwood won for Unforgiven).  When asked what certain folks looked like (e.g. Sharon Stone at the next table), my answer was inevitably "not as good as in their pictures."  Claudia Schiffer sat right in front of me in the theater and all I can remember is her huge bony anorexic spine sticking out like some kind of lizard.

The exception was Cindy Crawford.  This may be unbelievable, but she looked even better than in pictures.  I kid you not.  Here is a sample of why she is the greatest, via Tom Kirkendall (he claims to just be blogging on the quality of the commercial - yeah right).


  1. Dan:

    I forget, which one is the coke party and which one is pepsi? Are the sodas as interchangeable as the parties? Since Cindy is truly beautiful, does that mean that we should vote Libertarian?

  2. Ignoramus:

    I had a colleague who got introduced to Cindy Crawford back in 1995. He was one of those guys who knew all the Hot Chicks. He said Cindy was out of this world stunning.

  3. Rob:

    Heh... gettin' old I guess - - but not too old...
    I was lookin' at the car. B-)

  4. Sean:

    You forgot to mention that she orginally went to Northwestern on scholarship to become a chemical engineer. That fact alone should create palpatations in male geek.

  5. Rick Caird:

    Yeah, ol' Tom has quite the eye for commercials......

  6. IgotBupkis, President, United Anarchist Society:

    1) The Pepsi party is named for the resemblance of the obama branded logo's resemblance. This makes the opposition automatically Coke.

    2) They are most certainly NOT interchangeable. Most people like one and (often substantially) dislike the other. What I've found most interesting is that, by a preponderance of individuals surveyed, whichever one the person likes, the other one is "too sweet" -- there's apparently a subtle distinction in the taste buds of individuals which makes the formula of one taste too sweet to some, while the formula of the other tastes too sweet to the "opposition".

    3) Not surprised she's smart. Elle MacPherson was on track to become a lawyer prior to becoming a model. There are lots of ditzes out there in the modeling profession, but many are exceptionally intelligent. Of an equal but different type of intellect, I recall back in the mid-80s -- David Letterman had "Miss Petite Tri-State" on... he kept making subtly snide comments about her, and it was just going totally over her head... she had no clue he was making her look stupid. Contrast to another occasion, when Letterman had then top supermodel Paulina Poritzkova on. He kept trying to do the same things... setting her up for subtle zingers that would make her look like a foolish airhead. She saw where he was headed every single time, though, and smoothly diverted things so his target punch line would make HIM look stupid. You could literally see him getting more and more frustrated that he, the great heir to Oscar Wildean cynicism and The Witty Barb, could be bested so effortlessly by this mere slip of a woman. Letterman failed to grasp that Poritzkova grew up from her early modeling in her teens among the sharpest wits of the European hoi-polloi -- and that, short of the erstwhile Algonquin Round Table -- you weren't going to find a better training ground for developing your "wittiful" defenses.

    Extra Credit: How many people have noticed A VERY young looking Cindy Crawford in the opening title sequence to the movie, The Secret of My Success?