Why Can't Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?  Go watch, from the IJ  (the IJ is what the ACLU should have been if they were not founded by Stalinists).


  1. caseyboy:

    Very nicely done. The helpful guy explaining all the rules sounded like Kevin Spacey? Is that possible?

  2. DrTorch:

    Great video. Thanks for posting this.

  3. me:

    Nice video! That said, don't know the ACLU, they're the only organization I see stand up against torture, detention without trial, extrajudical rendition, state secrets etc. As such, I care little about their historical roots and more about the fact that they have the backbone to defend individual liberties ;)

  4. Assman:

    The ACLU has its bright points, as they do fight for freedom in a number of important respects. They've been notoriously silent on others, however (property rights and gun rights come to mind), and tend to favor certain types of clients over others (for example, in religion-related cases, the perception is that they tend to favor Muslims over Christians and Jews).