Some Love for Complex Numbers

Why playing around with complex numbers is more than just wanking.


  1. john:

    Your sarcasm is too subtle for me, I read the whole darn thing, then came back here and re-read your remark twice before I got it.

  2. Mesa Econoguy:

    Eye neew ye were a wanker when e first met ya.


    [Prof. Motl ist ja ein bisschen "genius".]

  3. Roy:

    Euler's equation. Two transcendental numbers, an imaginary number, and not approximation, but exact equality to the negative of another incredible number.

    I love complex analysis.

    But I don't buy string theory.

  4. DaveK:

    The usefulness of complex numbers was a small epiphany for me when I discovered they could easily allow you to solve what were otherwise tedious trigonometry problems of adding or subtracting angles. Doing it with trig and real numbers was mind numbing. Using complex numbers was... well, the best word is elegant.

  5. quotation form:

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