I am heading for Italy for two weeks.  No blogging planned except perhaps some photo-blogging.  I expect you guys to have this country straightened out by the time I get back.


  1. joe:

    have fun. if you're buying a travel book the two best ones I used were Rick Steve's Italy, and frommers rome-venice-florence. I really liked Rick Steve's podcasts as well, more useful than the typical tour guides anyway. http://www.ricksteves.com/news/travelnews/0602/italy_downloads.htm

  2. Fred from Canuckistan:

    If you are in Tuscany . . funghi season is starting up.

    Go for it.

  3. stan:

    As a general rule, do not eat in restaurants with flags on the menu (It is unnecessary to speak a word of Italian to order what you want). Get off the main square or tourist route and eat in a small place staffed by members of the same family.

    While driving, never, ever, ever pass on the right.

    Tuscany and the Lake region are beautiful.

  4. hoip:

    Steves' most useful advice is on finding affordable and clean lodging. Beyond that, there isn't much effective difference between Steves and other books or even pamplets you might pick up at a tourist office.

    For instance... watch his show on Prague and then go there... you realize he filmed an entire show in the tourist corridor between Old Town Square and Prague Castle, an area that a person totally ignorant of that city couldn't help but gravitate to anyway.

    Steves seems like a decent guy but I really dislike his image of a seasoned traveler who has a sort of special insight into Europe. It's believable, but don't count on that too heavily.

  5. Pat:

    We'll have the country in tip top shape, Warren. Or at least pointing in the right direction. We'll miss your posts, though. What wisdom will I link to without you... oh yeah, Doc Zero, Thomas Sowell... Still, it's good company you keep and your Forbes articles have been brilliant.

  6. Dimitri Mariutto:

    Gone! For two weeks! No blogging! Who authorized this?

    I recommend visiting a Ferrari and Lamborghini factory if you can. I can't re-emphasize Stan's point about not passing on the right enough.

  7. Sean:

    Just wondering, since your are in the "recreation" industry, it this a deductable trip?

  8. Dr. T:

    "I expect you guys to have this country straightened out by the time I get back."

    No can do. But, someone might be able to hack into the airline reservation system and switch your "return" flight to Costa Rica.

  9. Speedmaster:

    LOL, we'll get to work on that! ;-)

  10. LoneSnark:

    That's the signal boys! Let the revolution of terror begin!

  11. Bruce:

    If you're in Florence, make sure you visit the top of the dome in the Duomo. It's worth the climb, both from an architectural viewpoint, and the view at the top!

  12. Fay:

    Enjoy Italy's train system, and leisurely lifestyle. But with irony.