There Goes My Free Time


  1. Roy:

    You've got to tell us, Warren. How does the game's brains think of reality: free market? socialist? What about the reality of evil? Restraints imposed by finite resources? End runs around those restraints by technology using alternatives? I pondered such questions years ago while observing others play SimCity. Figured that with proper programming, could use games to retrain lots of gov't types. (Yeh, right....)

  2. Captain Obviousness:

    Aha! Finally proof that deep in your heart you are nothing but a wannabe central planner ;)

  3. Eddie:

    My problem with the Civ games is that at least in the last two iterations you could have it do just about everything for you, and all you had to do is sit there watching. In fact, the Civ 4 autoplayer usually did better than I did when I micromanaged.

  4. Roy:

    'bout 2 decades ago I watched friends play SimCity. Wondered then what sort of reality built into game's algorythm, what controlling paradigm it used. Tell us, Warren, do the Civ series favor free enterprise or socialism? Keynesian or Austrian? Does it account for evil folks requiring restraint? Does it limit one's response to crime? How does it weight social justice? Does social injustice have connected costs?

    I mused then about how a carefully written game might aid certain gov't types. But then I wondered how a game might persuade some folks who cannot even learn from reality....

  5. BCM:

    Libertarian and a bit of a dork, eh? :)

  6. rox_publius:

    This will be a true test of whether i am beyond my gaming phase, or whether the quality and imagination of recent releases has declined.