Stop Stop Stop Stop STOP!

Please stop talking about there being a fiscal crisis or a government debt crisis.  All this does is give Democrats the opening next year to raise taxes.  "See," they will say, "we care about reducing the deficit."

What we have currently is a government spending crisis.   And the only way to solve it is with less spending.

Thanks, and we now return you to your regular programming.


  1. Val:

    Heh... Good luck with that.

  2. Michael:

    Where you been the last 18 months? Seems like an awful lot of tax increases have occurred.

    If you want scary, wait for the lame duck session after the elections.

  3. J Howe:

    Amen to that.

    I saw an interesting graph which showed tax revenues as a percentage of GDP vs Spending as a percentage of GDP. Over the last 60 years (I think it was 60), tax revenues hover fairly consistently around 18% of GDP. Spending, however, just continues to grow. Raising taxes will yield less revenue than they expect and will do nothing to reduce the deficit. Spending is the problem in so many ways and the only solution is to spend less. Period.

  4. Griz:

    Giving them more money after wasting what they had just encourages irresponsible behaviour.