Shouldn't This Guy Be In the Obama Administration?

I was watching the Elizabeth Hurley remake of Bedazzled (mainly to see, you know, Elizabeth Hurley) and thought the guy in the video below should be in the Obama cabinet.  Y'all may know the story - guy gets 7 wishes from the devil, and each wish goes wrong in some way.  In this wish, he wants to be really sensitive to get this girl he is after, but he is unable to take any meaningful action because he is just too caught up in expressing the depth of his caring.


  1. dff:

    (mainly to see, you know, Elizabeth Hurley)

    Yeah, there was definitely not enough Raquel Welch in the Moore/Cook original. Hurley in a key role is a big improvement. ;-)

  2. Mike S:

    He needs to meet the intense double-rainbow guy:

  3. CDLIC:

    "....mainly to see, you know, Elizabeth Hurley"

    Try this clip: