Pretty Cool

I thought this was interesting, not only for the unified control algorithm, but also just for the lifting capacity of these little buggers.  Via Engadget


  1. Max:

    Pretty nice! A friend of mine works for the Fraunhofer Institute and works on integrated observational drones for police, fire brigade and ambulance duties. They are currently developing a multi component system, where they have a mobile station to recharge their quadrocopters and to have multiple drones scout closed-quaters like houses. There is some really cool stuff going on right now (though I don't like the cops getting better at sniffing out marijuahna plantages...)

  2. pdb:

    Oh great. Flying robots with 4 flesh cutting blades each that can work together and drop bricks on our heads.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Hunt Johnsen:

    This technology could lead to the long awaited flying car or even a "flying belt". The digital control allowed with electric motors seems to resolve all the control issues of other power sources. "I want my flying car!"