I Have Been Messing Around With the Wrong Scale

These guys sell a 1/4-scale RC King Tiger tank, perfect for tearing around the neighborhood.  Six feet long, nearly 600 pounds.  Uses electric motor rather than gasoline, which seems odd to me -- probably takes more juice to recharge it than a Chevy Volt  (and that's OK).  This would almost be wasted here in Arizona, where people would just think it was cool.  I would have to take it back to Cambridge to have any real fun.  (Yes, your neighbor can get a T-34/85 if they feel the need to respond).


  1. Hunt Johnsen:

    This is a bit like the 1/4 (or larger) scale aircraft models - why not just build it a little bigger and ride around in it yourself!

  2. Evil Red Scandi:

    @Hunt - that's exactly what I was thinking... just a little bit bigger and you're there.

  3. Rapid:

    Much easier to get the torque from an electric motor.

  4. foxmarks:

    Do not let the raccoons in my neighborhood know they could form an armored battalion.

  5. IgotBupkis:

    What good are they? It's not like we could march on Congress with them, or anything, since the guns don't actually work.

    Can you imagine the fun of a 1/4th scale tank attack on both houses of Congress? Congressbozos and staffidiots shrieking and screaming and trying to find cover as the 1/4-scale shells come blasting through their office windows blowing up their fine congressional decor?

    "Take some Incendiary, Nancy!" and "Eat hot anti-personnel rounds, Reid!"

    Gad, the picture is almost perfect.


  6. HTRN:

    I can tell you why electric motors - no complicated transaxle. They use two electric motors, one for each drive cog.