Ranking Baseball Players

I have been encouraging my son to take up blogging on... well, anything.   I hope it will be a way for him to practice his writing, learn a few computer skills, and exercise some critical thinking.   So he has finally gotten started, and of course the teenage male mind turns to ... ranking baseball players.  Check his post out, and be sure to give him grief in the comments for being a Yankee homer.


  1. Andrew:

    He still has the coyoteblog copyright text at the bottom.

  2. anon:

    Given what other things tend to occupy teenage minds, I believe your offspring is exercising remarkably good judgement in what is publishable and what wouldn't be.

  3. Henry Bowman:

    Well, if your son is not intimately familiar with Bill James's Historical Baseball Abstract, he should immediately get a copy and commence reading it.