Odd Locations


  1. Wilson:

    There's an old cemetery in the parking lot of this development in the suburbs of Denver: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=pioneer+hills+chick-fil-a&sll=39.615309,-104.815257&sspn=0.001608,0.004141&ie=UTF8&hq=pioneer+hills+chick-fil-a&hnear=&t=h&z=18

    The building on the left (west) is a Chick-fil-a, and the drive thru window faces the fenced cemetery. Kind of strange.

  2. Michael:

    Home Depot does have a history of using eminent domain to oust people from trailer parks to build stores. Maybe the dead have better representation.

    Silly me. Of course they do. The dead always vote Democrat.

  3. Cave Creeker:

    I know it's odd, but the law requires that all burial sites be left undisturbed by future development. There was an old cemetery (going back to the Civil War) in front of a shopping center that was near where I used to live in Kansas City, MO.

  4. John O.:

    There are many of these that exist in places very few people would even consider, I once encountered a website showing a cemetery behind a strip mall, they took it into consideration when they built it and went around it on three sides. Also the state of Maine discovered during the surveying of Interstate 95 a cemetery that is right up against the southbound lanes and has been maintained by the highway department ever since.

    -- John O.