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I thought this French socialist reaction to France's World Cup humiliation, which included the team going on strike and refusing to practice just 48 hours before their make-or-break final match, was funny:

Some opposition politicians said the players' behavior represented the selfishness fostered by the governance of President Nicolas Sarkozy, who had been called President Bling Bling for his flashy style.

"It's all about individualism, egotism, everyone for themselves, and the only way to judge human success is the check you get at the end of the month," Jérôme Cahuzac, a Socialist Party member of France's National Assembly, said in a radio interview, according to Reuters.

Certainly no French socialist ever went on strike when other people in France were counting on them.  I kindof thought the team sucked, but in total unison and solidarity.


  1. Captain Obviousness:

    Funny... I'm a huge fan of the real football (NFL) but enjoy elimination sports tournaments just for the human drama. I've had a great time watching these World Cup games but couldn't convince any friends to care about it. I decided the reason for my American friends' indifference is based on a basic cultural difference: (speaking for myself) Americans feel that soccer is stupid because the referees are way too crucial to the outcome. In American sports a bad call by the referee is obnoxious and potentially game-changing, but in soccer a bad call often literally determines the outcome, which leads to the horrifying spectacle of everyone trying to feign injuries in order to get penalties called. Americans don't approve of that sort of thing. That is the behavior we'd expect out of people like the French. Europeans' view of soccer: do whatever it takes to convince the referee (i.e. the government) that you suffered an injustice and deserve compensation. Americans' view of soccer: beat the other team, F*** the referees.

  2. Marmoset:

    Ah but that ignorant comment doesn't explain why football (proper football) has had a huge rise in popularity in America in modern times, when diving became widespread.

  3. D-man:

    Toss all the illegals in this country and that "huge rise in popularity" will turn into a flat line. Soccer is as exciting as fornicatin' Al Gore.

  4. Judge Fredd:

    Thank you, D-man.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get a pen to poke out my mind's eye.

  5. Max:

    OT: Real Football (NFL)? First this shows that historic ignorance is still rampant, but it also shows that NFL is more like Rugby than Football (soccer), because they only use their feet when they attempt FGs...

    On topic, it is difficult to give a general description of the French mindset, which is sometimes pretty convoluted. Why? Well, the French enjoy individualism, but only in their social enivronment. Never ever try to treat some perceived rights that a french man (woman) thinks he has or you will get a very very angry Frenchman. But then, whenever it is about economic liberties and rights, they tend to suddenly forget all those egoist sentiments and talk big about "solidarity" (fraternité).

    Although one could make a point that this is some sort of egoistic thinking that drives the unionization of French men in work environments.