Hotel Selection Fail

I had an early morning flight out of Louisville today, and so stayed in a hotel near the airport to maximize my sleep time.  Usually this is fine, as most airports are dormant from 10pm to 6am.  Unfortunately, I failed to remember that Louisville is the main air-hub for UPS (like Memphis is for FedEx) so a big bank of planes was landing around midnight, and more noisily, taking off between four and five AM.


  1. Bruce H.:

    That's just one of the reasons I always carry earplugs when I travel.

  2. John Dewey:

    FedEx departures at MEM start very soon after 2:00 AM. This morning, 146 aircraft departed Memphis International Airport between 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM. That's about one every 99 seconds.

    When I worked for FedEx and lived in Memphis, I learned to sleep through the noise.

  3. John Moore:

    I bring a pink noise generator ("sound soother") with me wherever I travel. It can be turned up to mask most anything. Try it.