I Love New York, Just Not Enought to Live There

I am endlessly fascinated by the architecture and infrastructure of Manhattan.  I am probably one of the few non-locals who owns this book, as well as others in the series.  I highly recommend the Scouting New York blog for those of you who love the hardware of Gotham more than its software.  This post is a good index to many of his best features.


  1. Jess:

    You may wish to check that second link...

  2. windows 7 exams:

    Just always watching Seinfeld and other shows im just fascinated with new york city i would love to live there. ive never been when i get out of the navy and save up money im going to do it.

  3. jerry:

    I would live in New York now. I actually had the opportunity to do it many years ago but took another job so I wouldn't have to live in New York and after being there a couple of times, i kind of wish that I didn't take that other job.

  4. ADiff:

    I've lived and worked in NYC for extended periods in past. NYC is an incredible place to experience. It's also (often) an incredible hassle, in many regards very expensive, and (for many) psychologically wearing in some regards. The experience has left me with the opinion it's a fantastic place to be able to live for limited periods, but to be able to get away from when desired or needed. In other words, it's the place for one's home NOT in the Hamptons. As for me, I love NYC, I love Paris and I love London....but I'd rather live in the Southwest!

  5. Methinks:

    I lived in New York City for a long time and I will never ever move back. I am no longer enamoured of the city (or the "shitty", as we call it).

    It's filthy, expensive and filled with people who think you should be paying their way in life.

    Back before the complete government takeover of the financial industry, I used to say that NYC was a great place to start a career (entry level folks are paid little but gain enormous experience) and a horrible place to finish it (high taxes - 60% as of next year - and the massive expense of trying to live a normal life). Now, I don't even think it's a great place to start.