"Housing Advocate" Celibrates Eviction

Why does supposed housing advocate Bertha Lewis celebrate a man's eviction so his land can be given to a wealthy private developer?

Bertha Lewis, a housing advocate who supported the project, bid Mr. Goldstein "good riddance."

"Low- and moderate-income people had to wait years for housing while he obstructed the Atlantic Yards project," she said.

Maybe because her organization cut a deal to provide the developer a patina of public service in exchange for big bucks for her organization.

Of course, Lewis is much more than just a "housing advocate who supported the project," she was the CEO of ACORN, a group that signed a contract with Bruce Ratner "to publicly support the [Atlantic Yards] Project by, among other things, appearing with the Developer before the Public Parties, community organizations and the media as part of a coordinated effort to realize and advance the Project." In return, Ratner pledged to include a certain amount of "affordable housing" in the project, units that ACORN stood to make a fortune from marketing and managing. As the New York Post reported, "Anita MonCrief, a former ACORN official-turned-whistleblower, estimates the anticipated deal could bring the group $5 million to $10 million annually over multiple years."

And the money didn't stop there. In 2008 Ratner bailed ACORN out to the tune of $1.5 million dollars after the news broke that Dale Rathke, brother of ACORN founder Wade Rathke, had embezzled nearly $1 million from the group back in 2000 and the national leadership had covered the crime up for eight years. The financial fallout from that scandal threatened to ruin ACORN until Ratner stepped in with a $1 million load and a $500,000 grant. This desperately-needed cash kept ACORN alive and allowed it to keep providing cover for Ratner's corporate welfare and eminent domain abuse.

Lewis's role reminds me a lot of money laundering.  Call it progressive laundering.  The Brooklyn Yards project is simply a total money grab by a powerful developer who got the state to seize land and hand it over to him for development.  To hide the naked cronyism here, the developer cleverly cut a deal with ACORN such that about 0.1% of the development was dedicated to low-income housing and ACORN was paid off to advocate for the project as a low-income housing project, when in fact it is 99% an upscale development to benefit a politically-connected developer.

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Update: Wow, you have to check out this email from Bertha Lewis.  Just remember, when reading it, that she is talking about a man who just wanted to stay in his own home that he owned, and didn't want to be evicted just so the New Jersey Nets could have a new stadium in Brooklyn at taxpayer expense.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bertha Lewis <[EMAIL REDACTED>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 8:04 PM
Subject: Daniel Goldstein and the 7 year itch

Finally, the itch that was Daniel Goldstein has been scratched and scratched out.   After almost seven years of flawed strategies, smear campaigns, stupid tactics, disingenuous rhetoric and total disregard for people who have lived in the downtown Brooklyn community for years before he even thought about coming here; finally he got what he really wanted.  A Deal.  Not for the community he claimed to love so much, but for the only beneficiary of his community of one, himself, Double Dealing Danny Goldstein.  How utterly despicable for him to be in the newspaper  today whining that he did not have enough time to move, and had nowhere to go because he was being stiffed by the State and Forest City Ratner, when low and behold, all the time, he was negotiating, not for the community , but for himself.  Well good riddance and don't let the door hit ya'.  Low and moderate income people have had to wait years for housing while he obstructed the Atlantic Yards Project that could have been well over half done by now.  He never had to worry about housing so he did'nt care how long other people had to wait.  Behold, the Gentrifier.  He has slandered and denigrated not only me but my organization and my members relentlessly.  What benefit has he delivered to the community?  None except for his own pocket.   Well, the housing at Atlantic Yards will be built, and the day after he moves out, which I hope will be sooner rather than later, the building that he squatted in these past years should be razed to ground immediately, and salt poured into the soil, so that never again can the likes of one of the biggest shakedown artists in Brooklyn return.  We will still be here, we will still be fighting for the all the people that Danny spurned and used for his own enrichment.  We hope that now everyone in Brooklyn and New York can see him for what he really is and can see what his actions cost Brooklyn.  I hope whatever he settled for was worth the pain and misery he caused to so many people who just wanted a decent place to live in Brooklyn and who just wanted a decent job and a place for their family.  Now that the flim flam man is gone, they can finally see it on the horizon.


Bertha Lewis


  1. DrTorch:

    This makes me physically ill.

  2. theodore rud:

    I remember reading once that in the city of Berkeley CA public housing application forms include a question about the political activisim of the applicant. It would be interesting to see if the low income housing units are used as political payoffs in Atlantic Yards. Ah, the opportunities for corruption in the corporate state!

  3. Dr. T:

    ACORN began as a bad seed in 1970 and got worse year-by-year. In the Chicago area during the 1990s, ACORN was helped in its unethical activities by a lawyer who was not admitted to the Illinois Bar: Barack Obama. I am not surprised by any unethical, illegal, or even criminal behaviors from ACORN staff. (Nor am I surprised by any unethical, illegal, or even criminal behaviors from Obama and his White House staff.)

  4. DMS:

    Good God! Are you sure that email is not a hoax? Is there a word in English for a cross between revolting and despicable yet not surprising? Might need to ask the Germans if they have one.

  5. DMS:

    Sorry - should have looked at the link; apparently genuine as confirmed by Bertha Lewis.

  6. Methinks:

    All I want to know is this:

    When is the itch that is Bertha Lewis going to be scratch out?

    When is the cancer that is Bertha Lewis going to be cut out?

  7. Methinks:

    If I weren't reading this in English and the name were not Big Bitch Bertha Lewis, I would have SWORN I was reading something from the USSR, circa 1920.

    THIS is EXACTLY what was written - except there was no show negotiation and no pretend compensation. People where simply swept out of their homes while the human waste that is Bertha screeched their diseased rhetoric.

  8. Uno Hu:

    Without some first-hand knowledge of the situation, which I don't have, it's hard to tell which party is in the right here. For purposes of discussion, let's assume that the displaced landownner lived on his land that was taken from him for the benefit of "others". Our courts, sadly, have ruled that this sort of taking is allowed by our Constitution. The landowner almost always comes out on the short end. He obviously didn't want to sell, or to sell for what was being offered. After the forced sale, he will have to pay income taxes on the capital gains, which will in fact result in his NOT BEING MADE WHOLE.

    The only response, in my primitive mind, is to say that in situations where the law and courts have declared that there is no protection or justice for you, one "reserves the right of private action". This could take many forms depending on just how "primitive" the wronged individual is, but if actually practiced could greatly slake the thirst of developers to steal citizen's land!!

  9. mbts-mbtshoes:

    Sorry – should have looked at the link; apparently genuine as confirmed by Bertha Lewis.