My Bracket Looks Like Berlin in 1945

For the first time in five years, I am apparently mathematically eliminated after the first weekend, with my best possible finish in 7th.    Congratulations to our current leaders, who navigated through an incredible series of upsets far better than I did:

Leaderboard after 48 games - See full standings
Bracket Rank Points
Todd Ramsey 1 107
Casey Hills #2 2 90
Brad Warbiany #2 3 86
Casey Hills 4 83
Neal Charleston 5 83
Bracket Rank Points
William Apel 6 80
Todd Erickson 7 80
Kelly McLean #2 8 79
Jason Storck 9 79
Keith Wesley 10 78

Perhaps even more incredibly, Todd Ramsey is shown to have a 71+% chance of winning it all, which are pretty unprecedented odds in our pool this early in the tournament.

One Comment

  1. Brad Warbiany:

    Yeah, the upsets skewed it significantly. My "upset bracket", #2, is the one in third place while my "legit" bracket is outside the top 10. There weren't a lot of differences between those two brackets except for skewing it to the upset.

    Now the "Best results" generator says that my non-upset bracket requires Purdue to beat Duke and for Kentucky to win the whole thing for me to have a possible chance at 1st place. And my upset bracket has Purdue winning it all, so if they lose on Friday night I'm probably going to be eliminated from contention there.

    So I'm not that hopeful -- but it's fun to see my name up near the top for as long as it'll last :-)