More on the Thomas/Arpaio RICO

I will say that I have a certain fondness for the idea of tossing everyone in Congress in jail on a giant RICO prosecution.  So Thomas and Apraio's crazy RICO suit naming most everyone of any importance in the county government and judicial system as conspirators has a certain appeal.  Unfortunately, unlike my dream RICO suit, the basis for the suit is that Arpaio and Thomas were consistently prevented from excercising unchecked power

In essence, the lawsuit alleges that any county official who at any point attempted to stop Thomas and Arpaio from doing anything -- whether it's prosecuting Don Stapley, "investigating" the $341 million court tower project, or repeatedly suing Thomas' own clients -- is part of a criminal enterprise. That includes judges who ruled against them, attorneys who opposed them in court (like Ed Novak and Tom Irvine) and county employees who attempted to stop the insanity.


  1. Joshua:

    They are probably all guilty. Corruption is endemic in politics at all levels. The only question should be, do you start dealing with them from the bottom up, or from the top down?

  2. Mesa Econoguy:

    Coyote, your dream RICO action is anti-AGW:

    CO2 Endangerment Finding Challenged

    Jackson, Obama, Mann, et al. Detrimental reliance.

    Game on.

    PS, ok, piece of crap 'stache.

  3. Mesa Econoguy:

    Yeah, that didn't work too well, try

    this one.

    Always check your links, kids.

  4. Reformed Republican:

    As a faithful reader of Dispatches from TJICistan, I recommend dealing with them from the top down. Tie the rope up top, let them fall down.